David Nichols

UConn Math PhD Alumnus


I received my PhD in mathematics from the University of Connecticut.

My research has been in mathematical logic, specifically in computability theory, reverse mathematics, strong reductions, and higher recursion. My doctoral adviser was Damir Dzhafarov.

I can still be reached at david.j.nichols@uconn.edu.

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Doctoral Thesis University of Connecticut, 2019

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In the Spring 2018 semester I am teaching MATH 2410: Elementary Differential Equations. View the syllabus.
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I think that visual aids are one important tool available to mathematics instructors, and that the best visual aids are usually those that can be manipulated or interacted with.

In collaboration with Amit Savkar, I develop interactive visualizations of calculus concepts and examples. These visualizations are used for calculus teaching and learning at the University of Connecticut. You can find examples of my early work on Dr. Savkar's website. For more recent examples, contact me.

I want my visual aids to be useful to as many people as possible, so I am always trying to up my accessibility game. In order to help myself and others develop visual aids that use colors in an accessible way, I have made an online colorblindness simulation tool.